Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm home!

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As I said before, I went to Thailand for two weeks and built a house. It is organised by Habitat for Humanity (maybe it's famouse in America, but not in Japan). We piled up bricks and made a house. It was hot in Thailand and work was hard, but I enjoyed myself. That experience gave me a new sense of value. I didn't understand a lunguage at all, but I could communicate with a Thai. I was moved that a homeowner seemed to cry when the house was completed. It was great experience for me, and I want to attend Habitat for Humanity's project again!

I also enjoyed the other things. The city where we visited is Korat(third largest city in Thailand). We visited the remains, interacted with students, went to Pattaya beach, learned a Thai massage, saw a gay show, and more... I love culture of Thailand! I want to go there again!!!

P.S. I introduce you basic greetings in Thailand.
Hello→Sawadiika(woman) Sawadiikap(man)
Thank you→Koppenka(woman) Koppenkap(man)


Kyoko said...

Thank you for wonderful pictures! I have been to Thailand when I was a junior high school student. I also rode a elephant!! It was a very nice ecperience. I think Thailand is very energetic and has so many cultures.

Nikki said...

Wow, Sachi, it seems like you had a wonderful time! Habitat for Humanity is very well known in America. There is an on-going project in my hometown where they are building 24 townhomes for families. I also enjoy working on the homes because it is very fun and a great way to help others!

Also, your pictures are great. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Mike said...

Hey Sachi, that's great you enjoyed Thailand! Did you manage to build an entire home in such a short period of time? Thailand looks beautiful! Those schoolchildren look so nice. Are you going to keep working with Habitat?

I really want to ride an elephant now.

Ayumi said...

Long time no see. I knew your project because I heard that by Chihoshi. I think such a volunteer work is very important and good experience for us. Tell me about your experience of Thailand when we meet next time!

Have a nice holiday!

Nina Liakos said...

I just looked at your photo album. it's great! It really brought your trip to life. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the house as it progressed from just a frame to any actual building; the pictures of the beautiful Thai kids and dancers; and all the pictures of you and your friends having a blast. Thanks for posting it here so we could see it. The trip sounds like the perfect combination of volunteerism and tourism. What a great way to finish up your summer vacation!

In just a few more days, classes will begin again at AGU. Have a great semester! I hope to see you at Tapped In on Saturday Sept. 27.