Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In Thailand, I also enjoyed shopping of course. I like Thailand because everything is cheap. Especially, I like Night Bazaars. Those are held at every night. There are many shops along a street, and sell clothes, accessories, and foods. Everything was so cheap from the first time, but we negotiated with a shop assistant and let them cheap further. It's fun to compete with friends that who is the best negotiator. A red skirt I am wearing is only 160 bahts (around 5 dollars). It's very cheap, isn't it? If you have an opportunity to go to Thailand, I absolutely recommend you to go to Night Bazaars! I know all AGU members love shopping, so I'm sure you will come to like there!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm home!

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As I said before, I went to Thailand for two weeks and built a house. It is organised by Habitat for Humanity (maybe it's famouse in America, but not in Japan). We piled up bricks and made a house. It was hot in Thailand and work was hard, but I enjoyed myself. That experience gave me a new sense of value. I didn't understand a lunguage at all, but I could communicate with a Thai. I was moved that a homeowner seemed to cry when the house was completed. It was great experience for me, and I want to attend Habitat for Humanity's project again!

I also enjoyed the other things. The city where we visited is Korat(third largest city in Thailand). We visited the remains, interacted with students, went to Pattaya beach, learned a Thai massage, saw a gay show, and more... I love culture of Thailand! I want to go there again!!!

P.S. I introduce you basic greetings in Thailand.
Hello→Sawadiika(woman) Sawadiikap(man)
Thank you→Koppenka(woman) Koppenkap(man)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Thailand

From tomorrow, I go to Thailand with my circle members. I am joining a volunteer circle which build houses for poor people. It's the first time to go to the Southeast Asia, so I'm very excited! I want to feel and learn something new.

I will come back home on September 10th. When I come back, I will write my experience here.

This photo is members whom I go with.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I miss you

After long-long flight, I arrived at my house yesterday. Because I was very tired, I went to bed quickly. I awoke, so I am writing a new post.

My experience in America was awesome!! Everything was so great that I can’t choose what is the best! I appreciate Nina, Heather, Nikki, Mike, Joe, and AGU members. I could have very good time with you. I miss you all!>< I will stay in touch with you with e-mails, blog, and chat!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are MPP!

Yesterday, Sanae, Sae, Kei, and I eat Indian Curry for dinner. That was the most delicious food I ate in America! Afterward, we went to an amusement area, and Kei, Sae, and I did a putter game. There were many obstacles and it was very difficult (for me at least). So we tried to decide who MPP is. MPP means Most Poor Player. (LOL) The result was Sae was MPP, but everyone was not good at golf at all. I dropped the ball into a pond more than three times, and Sae lost the ball during the game. That was so funny that we enjoyed playing a putter very much!!!

I'm happy that Heather gave me a letter and present. Thank you, Heather!!!! I don't wanna go back to Japan...>< However, I'll keep in touch with you!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potbelly again

Yesterday, lunch was on our own, so we went to Potbelly again, and we ate sandwiches on the grass. The weather was nice it was pleasant. Then we drank bubble tea. The tea was not too sweet and it was delicious. In the afternoon, we went to the Capital Building. There were many beautiful sculptures and paintings, and it was like a museum. Then we saw the White House. I got very tired because we walked around so much. We ate the Middle East food for dinner. I ate pita and it was good. After going buck to the hotel, I talked with Joe’s friends for a while. The girl’s name is Sachi. I was happy to meet the same name as me for the first time in my life!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nikki's house

Yesterday, we went to Nikki’s house. It was awesome!!! Her house was big and there were so much amusement. Especially, Kei, Sae, Ryohei, and I enjoyed playing pinball very much. Moreover, I got a highest score! I want to do that again. Food was also great. It was the first time for me to eat chocolate fondue, and I liked it. Nikki’s parents were kind and interesting. I didn’t want to go back to hotel. I want to live the house like there someday.