Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are MPP!

Yesterday, Sanae, Sae, Kei, and I eat Indian Curry for dinner. That was the most delicious food I ate in America! Afterward, we went to an amusement area, and Kei, Sae, and I did a putter game. There were many obstacles and it was very difficult (for me at least). So we tried to decide who MPP is. MPP means Most Poor Player. (LOL) The result was Sae was MPP, but everyone was not good at golf at all. I dropped the ball into a pond more than three times, and Sae lost the ball during the game. That was so funny that we enjoyed playing a putter very much!!!

I'm happy that Heather gave me a letter and present. Thank you, Heather!!!! I don't wanna go back to Japan...>< However, I'll keep in touch with you!!


sae said...

I'm happy too!!
And I want to play a putt-putt with you again!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Sachi! ^^
Though you have to go back to Japan physically, you definitely can keep in touch through the internet! :)

Anyway, I hope you'll come back to Japan safely!

Nikki said...

No Name,
I hope that you are safe and sound in Japan. I will miss you very much.

Nina Liakos said...

LOL, I am also terrible at putt-putt golf. But you were not afraid to try lots of new things while you were in America, which is great! And as you say, it's not necessary to be good as something to enjoy it!

I've scheduled a chat at Tapped In on Saturday, Sept. 27, at 11 pm Tokyo time. I hope to see you there!

Now you can catch up on your lost sleep....