Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In Thailand, I also enjoyed shopping of course. I like Thailand because everything is cheap. Especially, I like Night Bazaars. Those are held at every night. There are many shops along a street, and sell clothes, accessories, and foods. Everything was so cheap from the first time, but we negotiated with a shop assistant and let them cheap further. It's fun to compete with friends that who is the best negotiator. A red skirt I am wearing is only 160 bahts (around 5 dollars). It's very cheap, isn't it? If you have an opportunity to go to Thailand, I absolutely recommend you to go to Night Bazaars! I know all AGU members love shopping, so I'm sure you will come to like there!


Ayumi said...

Hi, Sachi!
Thank you for your comment! Today, we met at our university by chance! I didn't found that I spoke in my local dialect. Maybe I speak it till we meet on next Monday:-P

Nikki said...

Hey, Sachi!
I love the red skirt you are wearing. Red is my favorite color. = ) I think it's great that you bargained it down to only five dollars, good job!

Nina Liakos said...

Maybe I am the only AGUer who hates shopping... but I like a good bargain, like anyone else, and the red skirt was clearly "a steal"!

tomoko said...

Hi! You looks so happy. I'm intersted in an internal volunteer. so I'd like to go abroad to help poor children as a volunteer. Have a fun!