Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In Thailand, I also enjoyed shopping of course. I like Thailand because everything is cheap. Especially, I like Night Bazaars. Those are held at every night. There are many shops along a street, and sell clothes, accessories, and foods. Everything was so cheap from the first time, but we negotiated with a shop assistant and let them cheap further. It's fun to compete with friends that who is the best negotiator. A red skirt I am wearing is only 160 bahts (around 5 dollars). It's very cheap, isn't it? If you have an opportunity to go to Thailand, I absolutely recommend you to go to Night Bazaars! I know all AGU members love shopping, so I'm sure you will come to like there!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm home!

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As I said before, I went to Thailand for two weeks and built a house. It is organised by Habitat for Humanity (maybe it's famouse in America, but not in Japan). We piled up bricks and made a house. It was hot in Thailand and work was hard, but I enjoyed myself. That experience gave me a new sense of value. I didn't understand a lunguage at all, but I could communicate with a Thai. I was moved that a homeowner seemed to cry when the house was completed. It was great experience for me, and I want to attend Habitat for Humanity's project again!

I also enjoyed the other things. The city where we visited is Korat(third largest city in Thailand). We visited the remains, interacted with students, went to Pattaya beach, learned a Thai massage, saw a gay show, and more... I love culture of Thailand! I want to go there again!!!

P.S. I introduce you basic greetings in Thailand.
Hello→Sawadiika(woman) Sawadiikap(man)
Thank you→Koppenka(woman) Koppenkap(man)